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As an artist, I try to create dreamy art that has the ability to enchant, and inspire the onlookers. As a woman, I forge my path in the hope of my dreams coming to life with each stroke of a brush. I have embarked on a journey that started as a Fashion Designer in 2003. It had been my childhood dream that I worked so hard for it to become my reality! Fifteen successful and glamorous years in Haute Couture.

 Being an artist at soul meant that I am prepared to undergo life’s ups and downs because my end goal is to learn, grow and thrive.


I have always been drawn to color and light, and how to create the chemistry between them to wow they eye. My years of experience in fashion design have set the base for me to create amazing pieces of resin art. When I created my first resin piece, my heart was ecstatic for I found my new passion, my new trend that I couldn't wait to share with you!


I create art that reflects my true self. I always want to try different colors with new techniques, and pour the resin in different ways to achieve different effects. The fact that resin bonds well to almost any medium, makes the possibilities excitingly endless. The most important factor in my art is to keep it practical. Each piece I create is an original beauty that can be used almost in any room of my client's home. 


Fifteen Years of experience in the glam couture world, with solid executive management skills. A long journey of making fashion decisions, executing the construction of the designs, including fit, size run, fabrication etc. My main key  is understanding my clients needs, and getting to know their personalities and mind-sets. This combination has always been the secret for my success in my careers.

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