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My name is Mir Elchaer

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

As an artist, I try to create dreamy art that has the ability to enchant the onlookers. As a woman, I forge my path in the hope of my dreams coming to life with each stroke of a brush. I have embarked on a journey that started as a Fashion Designer back in 2003. It has been wonderful and prosperous fifteen years full of couture and glam until I finally came to establish a new life in Canada in 2017. Being an artist every at soul meant that I am prepared to undergo life’s many ups and downs because my end goal is to learn, grow and thrive.

I play many parts as a woman – I am a mom, a daughter, a wife and a friend to many. I’ve played them well for years together. Now it is time for me to reclaim my identity as a creator.

I am ecstatic about all forms of resin art and found it to be my new passion. It’s the new trend in art and my favourite part is when I create art that’s practical!

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